Biomedical Research and Development

LSBM’s Research and Development (R&D) specialists have an in-depth understanding of all the issues that are salient to biomedical and clinical R&D. They understand the latest industry trends in clinical operations, data acquisition and management, compliance and safety. LSBM’s biomedical and clinical R&D team offers a spectrum of services to support an array of needs. Its R&D specialists have interacted and partnered with numerous clients to deliver the correct solutions for the project at hand. Whether it is for protocol development, Quality Assurance Design, or for full lifecycle services, LSBM’s professionals offer the best solutions for biopharmaceutical and biotechnological research and development. 

Pre-clinical Research and Development

LSBM’s deep understanding of pre-clinical research allows us to provide cutting-edge solutions for designing and implementing pre-clinical studies involving toxicology, pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics, orthotropic models, and tissue harvest. Beyond the development of studies, LSBM’s specialists can provide comprehensive Clinic and Department management, medical care coordination, and expert guidance on regulatory and HIPAA compliance issues. From inception to approval, LSBM is your partner for success.

Medical Operations Support

Medical Equipment Procurement - LSBM’s efficient staff of specialists can locate and deliver the medical and laboratory equipment you need, when you need it.

Staff Augmentation – LSBM staffing consultants have provided specialized expertise for a spectrum of clients and a range of initiatives. From doctors and nurses to scientists and laboratory technicians, LSBM will put in place a team of skilled and dedicated staff for your project.

Beyond providing you with the equipment and staff you need, LSBM offers a range of specialized support capabilities. From IT services and solutions for hardware, software, and maintenance, to Biosurety Operations Support for Biocontainment Laboratories, LSBM gives you solutions you can count on.

LSBM has provided pre-clinical and scientific staffing services to companies that employ laboratory and scientific professionals in a wide variety of industries. This includes pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, food science, environmental science, textile science, healthcare (hospitals), academic institutions, and manufacturing.